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School is out for the Summer!  We hope you will have a fun and safe summer vacation. We know everyone will be outside more, here are a few things we want to remind everyone of:  Be respectful of your neighbors by not sitting on the breezeway steps or playing around the buildings. We have tenants that work the 3rd shift and sleep during the day. Please do not throw trash and cigarette butts on the grounds or the breezeways. We want to keep the complex looking great at all times.

I am in the process of updating my information.  I need your phone numbers, email address, type of car you drive and tag number.  Just call the office, drop me a note in the box, or email me at datkinson@prormi.com

Remember, this is a SMOKE FREE community!  We are seeing ashes, cigarette butts, and black  marks where the cigarettes are being put out on the steps. The breezeways and steps are being cleaned so please DO NOT  do this.

Just a reminder you can go to the Resident Portal and see the newsletter, pay your rent, and initiate work orders. You can not access this unless I have your email address.


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