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We hope you had a great Spring Break and Easter Holiday. We know everyone, especially the kids, are excited because school is almost out. We would like to congratulate all of our graduates and wish them much SUCCESS in their future.

It’s time for inspections this month. Please take notice of the dates, May 22 for A-F buildings and May 24 for G-L buildings. It is very important that you take these inspections seriously and actually get ready for them by: vacuuming, mopping, decluttering, cleaning your appliances, cleaning the bathrooms, having your carpet cleaned if necessary, have the beds made, wipe off cabinets, clothes put away, and sweeping outside your door and steps.

Just a reminder you can go to the Resident Portal and see the newsletter, pay your rent, and initiate work orders. You can do this by clicking on the link, https://prmi.myresman.com/Portal/Access/SignIn/LV You can not access it unless I have your email address.

I must have your correct email in order to sign you up. Please email me at datkinson@prormi.com and give me your email and telephone number. When I receive your email I will send you the above link.

We would like to wish all the Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!

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